Free Basketball Score Sheets

There are a large number of free basketball score sheets available on the Internet today. Although a number of these products will help a coach or league get the job done with keeping score for an officially sanctioned youth or other game, one of the best free score sheets available today remains the official NCAA basketball scorebook. Commonalities between this and other quality score sheets include the ability to use standardized scoring, statistical columns for individual players and teams, and a running score total for each team competing in the basketball game.

Free Basketball Score Sheets

NCAA Basketball Scorebook

The NCAA Basketball Scorebook is designed to provide a uniform scorebook for use by collegiate officials and coaches. The primary purpose of the NCAA score sheet is to standardize the basketball scoring for all college basketball games and to ensure a complete record is maintained. Although we have become accustomed to a number of additional statistics being kept in college hoops such as field goal attemps, assists, and rebounds, these are not mandated by the official NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Rules and Interpretations and the NCAA recommends a separate statistician or crew keep these stats vice the official score keeper.

The official NCAA Score Sheet or Scorebook has the following sections to record information: General Information, Scoring By Periods, Number and Player columns, Fouls, Field Goals, Free Throws, Official Summary Coluns, Totals Line beneath the scoring area, team fouls, timeouts, Technicals & Notes, Running Score, and the Alternate Possession block that is used to keep track of team possession when a “held ball” situation occurs. Unlike the NBA, the NCAA only uses center jumps to start the game and each overtime period. At the time of this writing, interested parties can order the NCAA Basketball Statisticians’ Manual for $5 USD by calling (888)388-9748.

Microsoft Basketball Score Sheets

For those looking for an expanded basketball score sheet which is focused more on overall statistics than quarter-by-quarter, or half-by-half scores and stats, Microsoft provides a free basketball scoresheet in Excel format, available through the Microsoft Office Template Library. The scoresheet is prepared for two teams that have up to 12 players per team. The players and team names/numbers can be edited from the template. For those who are “power” Excel users, it is fairly straightforward to modify the template to meet your specific team needs. The Microsoft score sheet is not an officially sanctioned record keeping document by any league known by the author of this article; however, can prove useful for a coach to keep stats for his or her team.

Free Basketball Score Sheets – 4 Quarters

Most of the youth through high school basketball leagues in the United States play a 4 quarter game. Now you can use the NCAA scoresheet if you really want to; however, you will not have a means to tell what actions occurred in the 1st versus 2nd quarter and 3rd versus 4th quarters unless you do some modifications to the score sheet. At the time of this writing, from Marietta, Georgia, provides a free 4 Quarter basketball scoresheet that you can download or print from their website. The score sheet has room for up to 15 players, supports a running score, timeout tracking, individual, team, and bench fouls, and has space for over-time action. Similar to the NCAA score sheet, it does not have space or room for expanded statistics which should be kept by a second score keeper if that is your desire. The scoresheet is also branded with the brand, but does support typing player and team names electronically for a slightly more tidy appearance than the traditional score sheet or book found at sporting goods stores. If you are keeping score for an officially sanctioned U.S. state high school even, you will need to check the respective state regulations for what leeway you have on type of score sheet used to record the contest.

AAU Basketball Score Sheets

Over the past decade +, it has become increasingly popular for promising young athletes to participate in AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball leagues and/or tournaments. AAU is exclusively dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs, and despite what many college basketball fans think, was first founded in 1888 to help ensure a uniformity and common standards in amateur athletics. Today, the AAU has more than 500,000 members with more than 50,000 volunteers across the United States and supports a wide range of amateur sports. The current mission of the AAU is:

“To offer amateur athletes and volunteers opportunities to develop to their highest level through a national and local network of sporting events. Through participation in AAU, we achieve our dreams as athletes and as valued citizens of our communities.”

All of that aside, AAU basketball is commonly played in different format(s) that the regular season Middle School or High School games. Namely, coaches can find themselves having to now keep score for a two half vice four quarter game based on the specific rules for the AAU league your team is playing. The Michigan Shock AAU Basketball Club provides a free basketball score sheet which is setup to cover two halfs and an overtime period if required. The score sheet has room for up to 15 players, a referee and head coach signature, player fouls, and a running score.


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